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I’m an ordinary Hoosier with an extraordinary story. After moving quickly through the journalism ranks after college, I had my dream job at 32 as editor of the local newspaper. My favorite part was meeting people and telling their stories. I told what made them laugh and what brought them to tears. I wrote about their celebrations and their failures. I met their friends and families. When I left that position in 2009, I embarked on other adventures but missed my ordinary Hoosiers and their extraordinary stories. My mission now is to seek out those stories and share them with you. We often learn more about ourselves by reading the stories of others. Perhaps you find out a little bit more about your own uniqueness and your extraordinary story.

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My Extraordinary Story:

  • I was born premature at 3 pounds 2 ounces and spent my first 37 days hospitalized.
  • I finished my undergraduate degree in three years while working part-time and leading the college’s newspaper.
  • During one of my first newspaper interviews, the subject grabbed my notes and shred them.
  • I spent hours talking with a man convicted of murdering his wife in their hot tub. He insisted the whole time he was innocent and a mysterious pizza delivery man was to blame, despite all the evidence against him.
  • I’ve been married to my best friend, a photographer, for 29 years.
  • I have three master’s degrees.
  • I wrote and published  a book on preteen purity.
  • I served a year as pastor of a small country church.
  • I have two grown sons, one an actor and the other a writer and filmmaker. Both are musicians.
  • I was a hip-hop manager and promoter.
  • I love traveling and watching live music and theater, preferably with a glass of wine nearby.

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