Fricktion: Office by day, hip hop by night

Fricktion: Office by day, hip hop by night


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — In his compact bedroom studio, Thomas Frick speaks softly about his life of hip hop, social consciousness and responsible marketing techniques. He expresses his desire to lead a positive, compassionate life and surrounds himself with creative people whose company he enjoys, deflecting as much negative influence as possible.

Frick’s journey is one that began in Greenville, a small town of about 600 in southern Indiana, near the border with Louisville, Ky.

By day, he works at the Journal of American History, a magazine published by a non-profit entity to further the profession and field. But in the evenings and on weekends, he focuses his energy and talents on furthering a different career — this one in hip hop music.

Despite his calm demeanor in everyday conversation, when he’s on stage, Frick’s infectious energy draws in his audience and instigates rhythmic pumping and jumping and singing. His fellow artists call him “one of the nicest guys around,” and he’s always ready to help others build their own musical careers.

Frick recently released his second EP, Critical, during a launch party at The Back Door in Bloomington and completed his first summer tour. Check out the EP on Fricktion’s Bandcamp Page.

His music is described as: “Influenced by a wide range of styles, from golden era hip-hop to classic punk rock to heavy electronic bass music, his music blends old-school consciousness and a DIY ethic with a synth-heavy new school aesthetic. His message aims to address some of the most pressing problems of our day, and explore the roots of issues that divide us.”

Connect with Fricktion through his Facebook page or Bandcamp page.

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