Graduate pursues art therapy career after suicide attempt

Graduate pursues art therapy career after suicide attempt


COLUMBUS, Ind. — Carley Fox bubbles with happiness three days before her high school graduation. She sits on a wicker loveseat in her backyard, smiling with nervous excitement. This is a different girl than she was just a couple short years ago.

Her journey began when her best friend, her cousin Derek Lodestein, drowned. The high-schooler struggled with depression until she couldn’t any longer. Suicide seemed the answer.

Two years ago, after waking up to a normal morning and school, she returned home that afternoon tired of everything. Carley shot herself.

Thanks to quick-thinking friends, Carley survived and found a way to cope: art therapy. She spends her spare time making three-dimensional art, especially enjoying mosaic projects.

Carley left those years behind and launched into her bright future when she walked across the stage at graduation from Columbus East High School, Saturday, June 6. In a few short weeks, she will move away from home and prepare to attend the Herron School of Art. Because an art therapist in the hospital taught her how to cope with her emotions through art therapy, Carley wants to teach others to do the same. Regardless of what is ahead of her, she wants to help other people.

Posted on: June 7, 2015Linda Margison

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