Grandma and pearls ignite jewelry designer’s passion for art

Grandma and pearls ignite jewelry designer’s passion for art


NASHVILLE, Ind. — Jewelry designer Evan Knox grew up on a farm in Benton County, Ind., but found her way to the artist colony of Brown County 20 years ago to raise her son and create wearable art.

The soft-spoken woman, who shares her home with a teen son and seven cats, earned a degree in art history from Indiana University and has worked in local galleries. However, she’s driven by her desire to create jewelry and would do it every second of every day if she could.

Her passion for accessories is rooted in her grandmother’s jewelry. As a child, Evan would detangle and organize the mangled mess. She draws from that nostalgia daily as she makes her own jewelry. She is also inspired by nature, the color of her son’s eyes, a snake’s rings, the ocean, terrain and hues from her travels and the people she meets.

Evan spends many of her waking hours in her window-lined studio, bent over a long workbench, cutting silver and knotting silk. When she isn’t in her studio, she wrangles with the business of art, which includes marketing, bookkeeping and connecting with retailers.

She says she only sells to the best stores now, cutting out her displays in New York, Chicago, and other cities across the country. Those special venues include a couple in Indianapolis and, on Saturdays, the Columbus Farmers’ Market.

See Evan’s jewelry at the Brown County Art Guild, or visit her website at

Posted on: June 21, 2015Linda Margison

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