Optometrist builds relationships with patients

Optometrist builds relationships with patients


NASHVILLE, Ind. — At seven, optometrist Dr. Jessica Wagers watched a documentary that stuck with her into her adult years.

The show was about people who make prosthetic eyes, and that sparked her elementary-aged interest.

“I thought it was fascinating because somebody that has lost their eye could have the appearance of having an eye,” she said. “The detail work and the artwork that went into painting one of these prosthetic eyes was just intriguing.”

Wagers went to Indiana University and earned an undergraduate degree in biology, with minors in psychology and chemistry. Afterward, she attended the IU School of Optometry and earned her degree in 2009.

“Jessica Wagers and I met at optometry school and have been best friends since then,” said Amanda Ballard, who practices optometry in Kentucky. “She is a remarkable doctor! She truly cares for her patients and it shows. Jessica has always had a knack for diagnosing and treating even the most difficult cases. She has a gift!”

Wagers is licensed with the state of Indiana to practice optometry. She also has a certification through the state that allows her to prescribe legend drugs, which are those that are not injected nor narcotics.

Posted on: August 2, 2015Linda Margison