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What a hoop! Hudsucker Posse brings circus-style flow arts to town


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Paula Chambers and Poppe Tsunami found hooping at different places in their lives, but now they work together to promote flow — or movement — arts in Bloomington.

Flow arts include hooping and juggling, as well as the fire and aerial arts. These are all activities or events commonly seen at the circus.

“It’s not for everyone, but its for anyone,” said Tsunami. “So anyone who wants to do it can.”

Together, Chambers and Tsunami run The Hudsucker Posse, a performance and support group that meets twice a week — Wednesdays and Sundays — in Bryan Park to practice, perform and commune with friends. Their work to entertain the community was recognized recently when Mayor Mark Kruzan declared July 4 Hudsucker Posse Day.

Chambers and Tsunami co-founded the Kinetic Arts Academy, which hosts classes and events in flow movement arts. The focus is prop manipulation, like using hula hoops and staffs. They offer group rates so friends can come and learn together, workshops and events with national artists. They perform for festivals, charities and the community.

Their dream is to have a permanent installation where people can come and learn, which would also mean they don’t have to set up and tear down for each gathering.

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